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I'm a Panamanian/US 3D artist looking for new knowledge and experiences in the entertainment industry. A trip that started with an Animation and VFX degree in the Academy of Art in San Francisco and has been moving on to several CG jobs ever since.

Although the focus of my studies has been 3D animation, throughout the years my talents have spread out to different parts of the pipeline like storyboarding, modeling, rigging, texturing and art direction thanks to my strong background in illustration and my desire to create visual stories from beginning to end. Some people may call me a Generalist at this point, I can't neither deny nor accept this denomination, while it's true you can't become a jack of all trades and certain companies prefer specialization I think it's a disservice to ignore completely all the elements that shape this industry. I recognize where my strengths lie, which are 3D art and animation and I focus on what's really needed.


My interests range between videogames and cartoons, I like incorporating what I enjoy from them on my work. It doesn’t matter what my next obstacle will be, I’m ready to tackle it in any creative way possible!

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